Scot DiStefano Portrait 1Scot DiStefano Architect is based out of the Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood area in South Florida. He is an internationally published architect and author, artist and university professor teaching design and architectural rendering at Florida Atlantic University.

My personal philosophy has been dubbed Organtech Architecture™. It is a balanced synthesis of technology, the basic need for shelter and desire for comfort. It is founded in the traditions of the Organic and High Tech veins of Modern Architecture, and refined through the influence of Traditional Japanese Architecture / Philosophy. Organtech is an architecture that is both high tech and high touch. It is an architecture that is of the earth, not on it. It is an architecture that recognizes there is no ‘human nature’, only nature. It is an architecture that takes only what is necessary, still touches the soul, and gives whenever possible.

I consider an Architect to be a sculptor of the face of the earth – a responsibility that I take to heart. We can not forget that Nature will perpetuate without humans, but humans can not perpetuate if self-extracted from Nature. This is a basic confirmation that we are a very small part of a much larger, dynamic system that must be honored in every decision we make. While some might consider that a limitation, I perceive it as an impetus.

Every project is unique and has its own rules for creation / evolution. It is a genetic code of sorts that is not influenced by trends or styles, but rather by physical, theoretical, cultural, financial, psychological, aesthetic and environmental forces. I interpret a client’s wants and needs relative to the specific influences, and translate them into Architecture. I do not to limit my skills to categories – whether the project is a bird house, a residence or a skyscraper I would base my interest on the commitment of the client to the project’s success and my compatibility with the client.

Architects, as the providers of leadership in the built environment are, by default, on the front line of the Environmental Movement. I am comfortable with that responsibility. To be sustainable is not sufficient. All architecture should be sustainable by choice or mandate – not for the sake of a plaque. Architects can not accept the status quo as a metric. Concurrent with the creative process, design must actively participate in the restoration of what we have already destroyed / consumed / eliminated. The Mother Art is not exempt from respecting Mother Earth.

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Scot Di Stefano